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Ralph Kattan

Founder of Real Asset Capital, Ralph Kattan holds a degree in finance from the prestigious Georgetown School and another in real estate from no less famous Harvard University. Having started his career in New York at Bear Stearns in 2000, he moved to Switzerland in 2002 to get into real estate. Over his 18-year career, Ralph Kattan has managed over $ 1 billion in funds across different segments of the real estate industry.

Track Record

In 2014, Ralph Kattan launched and developed a regulated real estate fund in Switzerland of over AUM 500 million, which he then sold in 2019 to one of the largest private Swiss banks. Ralph Kattan is also behind many large-scale projects, such as:

  •  The development of the WestPark project in Geneva, which was partially leased by the city of Apart for long-term stays and Lidl as the main tenant;

  • It also bought Arc Center for the sum of 90 million euros from Migros for a “sale lease back” and a repositioning of certain commercial spaces;

  • Ralph Kattan bought and renovated a 300 million euro residential portfolio in French-speaking Switzerland, increasing its yield and value by over 20% in just 2 years;

  • He built and rented a large shopping complex in the center of Satigny in the canton of Geneva. He then signed with Switzerland’s largest retailer, Coop, as the main tenant for the sum of 25 million euros;

  • Among other projects, Ralph Kattan built a residential building in cooperation with the municipality of Satigny, specially designed to be a new center in the suburbs of Geneva.